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Blackboard FAQ's

Q-I do not have my user information for Blackboard.  Where, and when will I get it?
A-Your Eastern University user profile is sent to you as soon as it is created.  You can send an e-mail to bbassistance@eastern.edu with your full name and class information for further assistance.

Q-Can I reset my Blackboard password?

Q-Can I change my e-mail address in Blackboard?
A-No. All e-mail communication in Blackboard is sent to your Eastern University e-mail account.

Q-I tried to log into Blackboard and got the following error message:
An error occurred while the system was processing this login request.  What does this mean?
A-There is an issue with your user profile in Blackboard.  Please send an e-mail to bbassistance@eastern.edu.  Please let us know in your e-mail if you can or cannot log into your Eastern University e-mail.

Q -I tried to add some documents to Blackboard and my browser restarted each time.  Why did this happen?
A-You might need to update your PC’s Java.

Q-When are my courses available in Blackboard?
A-All courses listed in Eastern University’s catalog are added to Blackboard;
--Students can only see courses on Blackboard when their instructors have made the course available.
--Instructors can see their course(s) once they had been assigned to the course(s).

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