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Blackboard Faculty Tutorials

Please email us at bbassistance@eastern.edu for help with any of the below items:

Login to Blackboard

Discussion Board

    Create a discussion forum
    Create a new thread and Respond to a thread

Communication Tools

    Create an announcement
    Send an e-mail

Course Content Tools

    Add a document 
    Add a web link
    Add a folder

Assessment Tools
Assignment Tool

    Add/create an assignment
    Grade/download student assignments


    Create a Quiz

The Grade Center

    Overview of Grade Center Tools
    Add columns to the Grade Center
    Add a Weighted Column
    Add a Total Column
    Add a Min/Max column
    Enter Grades to the Grade Center
    Manage Grade Center Options
    Send Email from the Grade Center
    Create Grade Center Reports
    View Grade Center History
    Training Link for 2-1-2010

Collaboration Tools

    Create a group
    Add members to a group

Course Options and Settings

    Edit course menu
    Make course available/unavailable
    Copying individual documents/folders across courses
    Copy old courses materials into new courses
    Display course ID (My Institution tab)
    Edit list display (My Institution tab) 

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