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Dean, Palmer Theological Seminary

Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University invites applications for the position of Dean of the Seminary. The new Dean will lead an outstanding, diverse, and dedicated faculty and staff who together pursue Palmer’s mission of “the whole gospel for the whole world through whole persons.” Palmer embodies this mission by combining academic excellence and prophetic service with a commitment to global outreach and underserved communities. The Seminary seeks a distinguished senior scholar who will sustain and embody this long tradition while leading the school into the new and challenging horizons that face theological education.

The Dean of the Palmer Theological Seminary, reporting to the EU Provost, has responsibility for setting the vision and strategic direction for, and providing leadership and management of all graduate and non-degree programs and faculty assigned to Palmer Seminary, thereby ensuring the viability, quality and integrity of the academic mission of the Seminary.

Status: Senior administrative, full-time, non-tenure track, faculty status.

This description is intended to describe the general level and nature of work performed by the person/people assigned to this position. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities of the person/people so assigned.

Applicants are requested to send a cover letter, resume, three professional references, and salary requirements to jobs@eastern.edu.

All positions remain open until filled.  


Position Responsibilities:
The Dean shall oversee and work closely with faculty, academic area and program directors to administer academic programs, ensuring their quality and integrity by engaging in the following:

1 Spiritual Life: The Dean shall be attentive to his/her spiritual development through personal and communal practices. Embody a pastoral spirit for the Seminary community, and when possible align her/himself with a church or faith-based community of worship.

2 Values: The Dean shall embody values of demonstrate attentiveness to global and local concerns of diversity and difference, as well as of caring and compassion, justice and integrity, competence and affirmation.

3 Collegiality: The Dean shall seek to treat each member of the campus community with fairness, dignity and respect, seeking a spirit of unity and harmony honoring true diversity and difference as we join together to achieve our mission of the whole gospel for the whole world for and by whole persons.

4 Strategic Academic Planning: The Dean shall develop long-range academic plans that reflect creativity, innovation, mission and need. The Dean shall articulate, interpret and actively support the mission of the Seminary to its internal and external stakeholders.

5 Curriculum Development and Review: The Dean shall review existing, and develop and implement new curriculum proposals as needed.

6 Faculty Hiring and Development: The Dean shall work with the appropriate faculty committees in the search for and hiring of faculty as well as their promotion, tenure, and re-tenure reviews. The Dean will also support and initiate efforts to encourage faculty development, scholarship and research, including creating an environment where personal and professional growth will be a high priority.

7 Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty Hiring and Development: The Dean shall work in consultation with faculty to identify and hire qualified part time faculty for short and long-term teaching. The Dean shall support efforts to encourage their development, scholarship and research, creating an environment where personal and professional growth will be a high priority.

8 Course Schedules and Teaching Loads: The Dean shall take final responsibility for teaching assignments and course scheduling for the Seminary’s programs. In concert with the Office of the Associate Registrar, as well as academic area and program directors, the Dean is also responsible for assigning the teaching loads for all faculty in the Seminary. Assignments of faculty housed in the other Schools of the University must have the agreement of each respective School’s Dean.

9 Budget Development and Management: The Dean shall oversee budget preparation, advocacy, and implementation of the Seminary’s academic programs in collaboration with the finance and accounting department.

10 Relation to Provost and other Academic Administrators: The Dean shall report to the University Provost. The Dean will relate in a cooperative and in a collegial manner with the Deans, other academic administrators and Vice Presidents in developing academic programs and priorities for the Seminary and University. The Dean shall serve on the senior academic collegium and work cooperatively with other institutional decision-making bodies as needed to efficiently carry out the business of the Seminary, including serving on the Seminary Leadership team. The Dean is expected to participate actively in retreats, planning sessions, and other activities as they relate to the Seminary.

11 Board Relations: The Dean shall report regularly to the University Board of Trustees regarding the progress and integrity of the academic programs of the Seminary. The Dean shall attend executive committee meetings at the request of the Board, as well as all plenary sessions. The Dean will work with the academic area liaison on the Board to identify agenda items for action, reporting in plenary sessions for final action of the Board. The Dean will attend meetings of the University Academic Committee to report on academic matters at the Seminary. The Dean will also participate in strategic planning activities at the Seminary and the University.

12 Institutional Relationships: The Dean generally shall be responsible for Palmer Seminary’s role in institutional partnerships for academic purposes involving the traditional seminary programs and other degrees assigned to the Seminary. This will include overseeing such programs as our extension program in West Virginia, our online OpenSeminary, and other affiliated programs. The Dean will also foster collegial relationships with University-related programs such as Esperanza College. By agreement, the Dean of the Seminary may relinquish responsibilities for certain academic partnerships to another Dean.

13 Academic Administration: The Dean shall meet with the Seminary faculty, academic and program directors for regular communication, sharing of wisdom and vision, problem solving, academic planning and curriculum development. Prepare agendas, chair and maintain records of faculty meetings; make committee and task force assignments in consultation with faculty; and issue annual faculty covenant letters.

14 Relation to External Constituencies: The Dean shall develop close relationships with denominational and other ecclesial groups. The Dean shall represent the Seminary in civic activities when necessary. The Dean represents the Seminary before accrediting bodies such as the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

15 Academic Policy and Procedures: The Dean shall oversee and participate in review, revision and writing of Seminary faculty personnel policies and educational policies and procedures in light of current and new curricular needs.

16 Lectureships, Commencement and Convocations: The Dean shall secure annual lecturers and speakers for special events through the work of planning committees; and collaborate with other Seminary personnel to coordinate major events.

17 Assessment: The Dean shall provide supervision, guidance and evaluation of curriculum, faculty, academic and program directors within the Seminary so as to ensure quality and continuing improvement. The Dean will participate in the Seminary’s Institutional Effectiveness Program and work with the EU’s Associate Provost of IE on implementation strategies.

18 Enrollment Management and Admissions: The Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Admissions reports to the Dean. The Dean shall oversee and work closely with the offices of Associate Registrar, as well as the Office of Admissions to ensure the continued growth and diversification of enrollment rates for all programs. The Dean shall work closely with the University’s Marketing and Communications Office to secure and retain a diverse and excellent student body.

19 Problem Solving: The Dean shall be responsible to rule on academic appeals for exemptions from specific requirements and receive and evaluate reports concerning academic standing and alleged dishonesty and when appropriate to refer the latter to appropriate bodies for adjudication. Such responsibility may be shared with the Review & Guidance Committee.

20 Financial Support: Engage in development efforts of the Seminary in cooperation with the Development office, seeking to secure funding for the academic programs of the Seminary.

21 Scholarship: Continue to be an active member of the wider scholarly community and contribute to it by writing, editing, participating in applied efforts of the discipline, participating in meetings of key learned societies, consulting professionally, lecturing and teaching.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Doctoral or other academic terminal degree and effectiveness in higher education administration are required. The Dean of the Seminary must have a record of significant commitment and contribution to, and practice in Church and Seminary environments. Candidates for the deanship must demonstrate ability to effectively communicate with and engage internal and external constituents around the mission of the Seminary. Ability to initiate and manage organizational change and innovations will enhance candidacy.


Palmer Theological Seminary

About Eastern University

Eastern University is a Christian university of the arts and sciences that integrates faith, reason and justice for students in its undergraduate, graduate, Seminary, urban, professional and international programs. Applicants should have a religious commitment compatible with its mission. The university complies with federal and state guidelines of nondiscrimination in employment; members of protected classes encouraged to apply.

Description Disclaimer

This description is intended to describe the general level and nature of work performed by the person/people assigned to this position. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities of the person/people so assigned.

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