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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library is a group of community members, students, EU alumni, corporate partners, and others who support the Warner Memorial Library and Eastern University. For 50 years Friends has provided books, materials, computers and other enrichment to the library. This active group continually seeks new avenues that support Eastern's and the library's mission to provide scholarship and spiritual formation to the student body.

To join and enjoy the benefits of being a Friend of the Library, you can donate online. Click here to get started.

Mission Statement

Friends of Warner Memorial Library exists to serve the academic community of Eastern University through:

  • Raising designated funds for Library projects.
  • Organizing book, art and essay contests that encourage intellectual and spiritual development.
  • Encouraging gifts to Eastern University's endowments.
  • Soliciting book and material gifts.
  • Sponsoring dinners, lectures, art displays, concerts and cultural events.
  • Aiding library staff in their professional development.

The Seasons of Eastern University, by George H. Rothacker
The George H. Rothacker Gallery exhibits in Warner Memorial Library 13 paintings of his displaying the campus' beauty throughout the seasons. You may learn more about the artist or purchase one of these prints by visiting http://georgerothacker.com/.
Friends of the Library digital collection of Eastern University's student newspapers
Through a generous gift made by Friends of the Library, the library digitized the newspapers of Eastern University– both The Spotlight (1952-1980) and The Waltonian (1980-present). Prior to digitization, there was no index to these publications which made searching them very difficult and time consuming. Now each issue has been digitized by Northern Micrographics and is freely available for viewing and full-text searching on the web. View the collection at http://rescarta.eastern.edu/.

Jonathan Orr Essay Contest
This annual contest recognizes undergraduate student essays that demonstrate excellence in communicating how books have influenced the opinion of the student concerning significant questions of the day. Students are given a topic and are asked to write an essay of 400-750 words pertaining to the topic.

2015-2016 Board of Trustees

President & Director of University Libraries
James L. Sauer

Vice President
Patricia Boyes

Membership Chairman
Megan D. Holcombe, '12

Executive Director/ Membership Officer
Andrea D. Reed, '05

Secretary & Treasurer
Jonathan Beasley


John C. Crosby, Ed.D.

Pamela Lang

Eileen McGovern

Richardson T. Merriman

John Pauley II, PhD

George H. Rotheracker

Edward C. Warner, '58

Trustee Ex Officio
Natissa Kultan-Pfautz, '08

Trustee Emerita
Virginia Brookins
Cynthia Orr Day
Suzanne B. Perot, Ph.D.

Founding Trustee Emeritus
John A. Baird, Jr.

Click here for a copy of the FOL brochure and for more information on how you can become a Friend. Thank you for considering becoming a Friend of the Library!

Contact Us:
Friends of the Library
Eastern University
1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, PA 19087
Andrea Reed
Executive Director

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