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Technology in the Library

Media Resources Room 300
Room 300, located on the library's Upper Level, contains media resources and the needed equipment to watch & listen to these items.

  • 2 Televisions
  • 2 VHS/DVD players
  • 3 LP record player
  • 3 Audio cassette players
  • 3 Compact disc players

Warner Memorial Library has 32 Dell PC computers for public use situated throughtout the library's three floors. All computers contain Microsoft Office.

  • Lower Level: 8 computers (1 only for catalog searching)
  • Main Level: 12 computers
  • Upper Level: 12 computers (1 only for catalog searching)

Mobile Instructional and Design Lab (MIDL)
Created with grant monies awarded from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region (NNLM/MAR), this mini lab contains 1 Mac computer and 1 PC that the library and faculty use to design mobile-friendly instructional material.

The library has wireless capabilites throughout the building.


The library has 2 WEPA (Wireless Everywhere. Print Anywhere) printers. To print, Eastern students/visitors must pay $0.12 per page (B&W), $0.20 for double-sided or $0.24 per page (color) (see Library Information Desk with questions). Wireless printing is available by setting up a free WEPA account at wepanow.com. Our WEPA printers can print letter size only, and in either black and white or color.

  • Main Level: 2 printer

The library has 2 photocopiers:

  • Color, B&W, and Scanning copier: Main Level. B&W copies are $0.10; Color copies are $0.25; Scanning is free
  • B&W copier: Lower Level. Copies are $0.10

The library has a collection of 866,000+ microform items, including a full collection of ERIC documents (Educational Resource Information Center). All are housed at Palmer Seminary. Requested microforms will be retrieved within 1-2 days.

  • Warner Library offers he service of printing microform requests for library users. Please visit the Reference Desk for more information

Electronic Reserves
Electronic reserves provide a convenient way to access class materials from the library via their Blackboard accounts.

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