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Dissertation and Thesis Copyright and Library Release Form

This is a release form for the Eastern University library to store and share your thesis. Please read the following agreement, enter your personal information and submit with agreement. As the author of an Eastern University thesis, you are asked to certify that the version submitted to Eastern University Library, as the document of record, is the final version approved by your thesis/dissertation Chair and Committee.

You certify that when applicable you have attached and obtained written permission statements from the owners of any third party copyrighted material included in your thesis/dissertation, allowing for the distribution of your thesis/dissertation as listed below.

You also grant Eastern University the non-exclusive license to archive and make accessible, under the conditions specified in this form, your thesis or dissertation in abstract/part/ or in
whole; in all forms of media, now and hereafter. You are aware that you have the option and that it is recommended by Eastern University that you register your copyright with the US Copyright
office. You retain all other ownership rights to the copyright of the thesis or dissertation by virtue of being the author. You also retain the right to future works, such as articles or books,
using all or part of this thesis.

Bibliographic information about the thesis shall be added to the online Library catalog of Eastern University. Bibliographic information, and the abstract and text of the thesis/ dissertation may be
placed on the Eastern University Digital Repository at the discretion of the University and made accessible through online indexing and accessibility applications.

Thesis Advisor Validation Statement
Your Thesis Advisor has approved the final version of the thesis/dissertation as submitted to Eastern University as the document of record and that it accurately represents the document
reviewed and approved by the appropriate committee.

FOR DEPARTMENTS REQUIRING TEXTS: If your department requires that you submit a print copy for binding, then you must submit a signed copy, or copies, following the
requirements of your department to the library. Cost will be $30 per copy

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