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Student & Supervisor Orientation for Eastern University


Student Employment
Financial Aid Office

Student Employment

  • Goal of Student Employment- It is the goal of Eastern University's student employment programs to provide an opportunity for students to earn money for tuition and other educationally related expenses and to gain helpful skills and valuable work experience. Student employment supplements, rather than provides,departmental functions and staff. Student workers are not permitted to replace or displace staff employees or positions. We expect students to conduct themselves in a professional manner when working as an Eastern Student Employee.

Student Employment Handbook

  • Posted on the Student Employment web page
  • All students and supervisors are required to read and abide by the  Student Employment Handbook
  • Every student and supervisor that signs a work contract acknowledges they have read the Handbook and agrees they will abide by all policies within the Handbook
  • Explains in detail everything contained in this orientation

Job Postings

  • All job openings are posted on the Student Employment web page until notified by supervisor that position is filled
  • Description must specify if FWS is required or preferred and if ECE is accepted
  • Must include a contact person and way to contact them
  • Each department must have a Position Description form on file with the Financial Aid Office

Federal Work Study (FWS)

  • Must submit all requested documentation to the Financial Aid Office
  • Must meet all FWS eligibility requirements
  • Eastern must have available funds to award
  • FWS is NOT a guaranteed award
  • Student must be enrolled as a full time student

Eastern Campus Employment (ECE)

  • Every student is eligible to be paid through ECE
  • Funds come from departments own budget
  • When a students FWS funds run out, automatically are paid through ECE (unless otherwise notified by supervisor)
  • Student must be enrolled at least less than part time


  • Student must fill out a W4, an I9, & a PA-32 (only once unless there is a change in name, allowances, marital status, or address)
  • Student must complete a work contract (Green= FWS, Blue= ECE) each academic year (summer is the beginning of the academic year)
  • Student must complete their electronic time card for each pay period he/she works AND submit it by the posted due date
  • All work must be completed on campus (no working from home)


  • W4- www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf
  • I9- www.eastern.edu/sites/default/files/sites/default/files/offices-centers/finaid/I9.pdf
  • PA-32 (Residency Certification Form)- visit our web page to select the appropriate campus location
  • All forms can be downloaded from the Student Employment web page or picked up in the Financial Aid Office
  • Original identification documents (not photocopies, faxes, scans) must be presented to a staff of the Financial Aid Office (list of acceptable documents is on
  • the I9 )
  • Students will NOT receive a work contract until they complete the W4, I9, and PA - 32

Work Contracts

  • FWS contracts are green with the award amount in the top right hand corner
  • ECE contracts are blue
  • Students will only receive a work contract after they have completed a W4, an I9, and a PA-32
  • Supervisor must complete the supervisor section in full including selecting a specific pay rate within their approved pay range and listing the correct cost center code
  • Supervisors MUST abide by the Equal Pay Act of 1963

Electronic Time Cards

  • An Electronic Time Card will be available to the student within 48 hours of submitting their completed work contract to the Financial Aid Office
  • Detailed instructions for both students and supervisors are posted on my.Eastern.edu (Student Records tab, Instructions link) and the Student Employment web page
  • Due dates are posted on each time card


Termination & Performance Evaluation Forms

  • Both posted on the Student Employment web page
  • Termination forms should be filled out by the supervisor and turned in to the Office to ensure accurate records
  • Performance Evaluation forms only need to be filled out by the supervisor when a student will no longer be working for a department (i.e. graduated); they do not have to be filled out each year

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