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If you are a new or returning student, we want to make access to technology on campus as easy as possible. All buildings on campus are wireless, including the residence halls. Most areas are also equipped with Ethernet connections for your convenience.

Connecting wirelessly to our network with Vista, Windows 7, or the Mac operating system is usually as simple as finding the Eastern University "Guest" or "Full" wireless connection and entering your login name and password.  (All students should receive login information upon registering.) If you have any problems with this process, please contact Academic Computing. For wired connectivity, simply plug an Ethernet jack into the port on your machine, and into the wall jack in the room.  Your operating system will automatically detect network settings, and connect you to the internet for browsing and email.

Eastern has migrated to GoogleMail! To access your Eastern email, simply go to our webpage, click on CURRENT, then Webmail, and the Eastern University \ Google email page will display. Enter your Eastern login name and password, and begin!

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