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Bringing a Computer to Eastern

Your personal laptop or desktop is a valuable tool to be used during your time here at Eastern. We want you to use technology to the fullest!   Your professors will use Brightspace and  EU email to communicate with you, and you will be able to research, write, and produce documents and projects for class. You can form valuable collaborative and social relationships here at Eastern while in your residence hall room, or in Warner Library, or in the dining commons.  We also provide several computer labs and residence lounge computer areas across campus to provide the entire community the opportunity to connect online.

Considering a computer purchase?  Please keep these points in mind:

We recommend a Pentium or AMD-based computer with a 2 + ghz processor, 3 gigabytes of RAM, a large hard drive (250+ gigabytes), a CD \ DVD burner, Windows XP Pro, Vista, or Windows 7, Apple OS 10 or higher. A one year, and preferably three year, onsite warranty is strongly recommended.

Our standard software package is Microsoft Office Professional, which includes Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Educational packages containing Work, Excel, and PowerPoint are available.  If the Office package is not included with your computer purchase, contact one of our vendors: JourneyEd, Aprompt, and Follett, our university bookstore, offers books and online resources.

A USB thumb or “flash” drive is an essential part of everyday computing. Use one of these to regularly back up critical documents and projects.

Active, updated software is required on each computer accessing our network. If you do not have current antivirus software on your machine, you can go to: http://download.cnet.com/AVG-Anti-Virus-Free-Edition/3000-2239_4-10320142.html  and download the free version of AVG, which is our preferred product.

A small printer will allow you to be self-contained, although there are also printers in the library and both McInnis Hall computer labs. Space is sometimes limited in residence hall rooms.

While we are a Dell campus, and highly recommend them for their durability and excellent service and support, other brands such as Compaq\HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba are also industry standards.

Laptop or Desktop?

Try to decide based on your work style

If portability and the ability to connect to the network all over campus are important features, a laptop is probably best. Laptops also take up far less space in a residence hall room.

If these features are not important, and price, a larger monitor, and greater durability are, then you should probably consider a desktop.

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