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Communications and Public Relations Office

Mission Statement of the Communications Office

To support the long-term mission and immediate goals of Eastern University, office of Communications creates materials for, and advises the campus on publications, marketing and advertising, public relations and use of the Internet. As an official voice of the University and human resources service, Communications helps articulate the vision of the President and Board of Trustees to the campus community and the public in ways that are clear, consistent and compelling, and promote the desired University image.

Statement of Policy

All publications, publicity and advertising for Eastern University is generated or approved by the Communications Office. This policy has been established to coordinate a comprehensive marketing program and to project a unified image of Eastern University to the public. The Communications Office is responsible for maintaining University standards for the design and quality of printed and broadcast materials.

Functioning as an "in-house advertising agency" to the various departments and schools, Communications offers assistance with the editing, design and production of University materials, and Web pages. This includes brochures, announcements, catalogs, print advertising, radio and TV commercials, videos, and other marketing pieces.

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