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Elevator Speech Contest

An elevator speech is a memorized statement that summarizes, in a meaningful way, the essence of our brand and institution.  During the month of March, the Eastern University Marketing Office held a contest to create a new and improved elevator speech, and the judges have voted!  The winner is Phillip Cary.  Other top speeches were written by Tony Blair, Linda Hytha, Mary Cederberg, Bettie Ann Brigham, Linda Olson and John Levis.  Read their speeches below:

WINNER- Phillip Cary:
Eastern is a Christian university that integrates not only faith and reason, but justice as well.  It teaches students what it means to believe in Christ, it teaches them how to think rigorously in their academic disciplines, and it gets them involved in moral and spiritual formation, so that their hearts can be formed in the image of Christ, his wisdom and justice.

Other Top Entries-

Tony Blair:
Eastern University engages the whole person...head, heart, and hands...by integrating faith, reason, and justice in both the content and the context of our learning...that is, in what we learn and how we learn. We are not content with anything less than the opportunity to be transformed by our encounters with each other and with God. And through those encounters we are prepared to join God's mission in this world.

Bettie Ann Brigham:
Eastern University exists to develop students who embody and integrate three elements: faith, reason and justice from a unique Christian perspective.   Eastern is a warm,diverse community that views wrestling with hard questions and developing an understanding of the needs of others, as necessary components of true education. Through engagement with the best scholars, stimulating academic and co-curricular opportunities, Eastern prepares students for the challenges of the age.  Graduates, no matter the degree earned,   make a positive difference in their communities and the world as they live lives with purpose and meaning.

Mary Cederberg:
Eastern University is not simply a university. It is a community which provides opportunities for its students to thrive in the world around them. While going here, students interact with their peers on a deeper level, not afraid to ask the tough questions and walk the answers out together over their time here. Eastern students also have the opportunity to go out into the world. Some chose to do this by “hanging out” with the homeless men and women in Philadelphia; others take internships which allow them to go into businesses and agencies; while still others work right here, making meals and coffee for students, faculties, and guests. Eastern calls its students to a higher standard, even higher than what is or is not “Christian;” they hold students to what Christ holds us to: to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

Linda Hytha:
Eastern is all about faith, reason and justice. Our first distinctive is “faith”, which involves spiritual formation based on the teachings of Christ. The second is “reason”, which is the intellectual process of seeking knowledge and truth through engaging academics. And the third is “justice”, indicating our passion for equity in diverse societies.  This combination of spiritual, academic and social preparation provides a strong foundation for Eastern's graduates who, through their careers, calling, leadership and service, are empowered to transform their communities and their world!

John Levis:
Eastern is a Christian university committed to the pursuit of faith, reason, and justice- the idea that what you believe and what you know, lead to what you do.  As people wrestle with the big questions of purpose, significance, and relationship, they do so in the context of a broken world.  Eastern graduates, rooted with the compass of faith, learn and reason critically so they can go and do justice- striving to change the world that is into the world that ought to be.  Alums are confident that their actions do have lasting impact that provide purpose and significance.

Linda Olson:
Eastern is a Christian university that transforms students' lives in a learning community based on faith, reason and justice. It prepares and inspires them to go out and make a real difference in our world. Thousands of our alumni are doing just that. I invite you to take a closer look online at eastern.edu.

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