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How was the new design chosen?

What does our brand look like?

This is the important question that Eastern University has been asking for the past several years as we have tried to better understand how to visually communicate our brand promises. After much internal discussion and research, the University engaged the services of Stamats, Inc. and worked closely with branding authority, Dr. Robert Sevier. With Bob’s guidance, we were able to describe the education that Eastern University offers all of its diverse audiences, as follows.

Brand Promise (a valued promise that an organization makes to its most important external and internal audiences)

Eastern University combines academic excellence, spiritual formation, evangelism and social justice to inspire students to transform society and the world.

Brand Attributes (a series of words or phrases, implied in our brand promise, that serve as benefit segments and vivid descriptors)

   1. Engaging academics
   2. Focused on careers and callings
   3. Integration of Christian faith, reason and justice
   4. Passionate, diverse community
   5. Transformational
   6. Urban, suburban, global

With all of these concepts in mind, Eastern set out to design a symbol that would capture as much of this identity as possible. Dozens of graphic designs, created by our internal designers and with some outside assistance, were evaluated and discarded. Members of the University and external communities looked at various options, and feedback was gathered through interviews and focus groups. At the conclusion of this six month process, one design stood out, which is the one we have now adopted as our new logo.

As you will see, the new logo for Eastern University is both classic and contemporary, and is designed to work well across multiple marketing media. This brand concept is elegant and versatile, lending itself to one or two-color presentations in print, three-dimensional or Web formats.

The logo consists of the following basic elements:

The stylized shield superimposed with a capital “E”. The shield is a familiar shape that denotes academic strength and gives a sense of history to the university. It also reflects the biblical imagery of protection frequently found in the Psalms.  The large “E” stands for Eastern, a name which has been consistent since our founding, even as the appellations after it have changed (Baptist, College, University).

The curving line which breaks the shield into two parts symbolizes a horizon, which connotes a forward-looking approach to education, and the globe, denoting Eastern’s global outreach, impact and programs.

The small numerals “1925” with a cross in the center. 1925 is the date of Eastern’s founding as part of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Seminary) and  conveys the fact that Eastern has been involved with higher education for the better part of a century.

The cross inside the 1925 symbolizes Eastern University’s commitment to Christ-centered higher education.

This logo stands with the words “Eastern University” and “Faith/Reason/Justice.”

The two-color version of the logo is printed in burgundy and gray, long used and recognized as the school colors for Eastern University.  This Eastern University logo can be adapted for use across all of the Schools of Eastern University. It is designed to be a strong visual brand that helps Eastern University express its mission, goals and distinctive attributes across the full spectrum of communications. This distinctive logo was created to represent Eastern University now and for decades to come.

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