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Since June 1, 2010, Eastern University has been using its current visual identity. The aim is to achieve a clear, consistent visual identity that resonates with stakeholders by reflecting Eastern’s mission and core values of academics that are Christian faith-based, transformative, global and innovative, with engaging academics. For over a decade, Eastern has distilled its mission into the core words of “faith, reason and justice”, a phrase that was recently adopted as the University’s official tag line.

The logo for Eastern University is both classic and contemporary, while also elegant and versatile, lending itself to use in various formats.  Read about how the new design was chosen.


What is the meaning behind the logo? 

A range of resource material for use by Eastern University schools can be downloaded from this site.

Eastern University’s visual identity was revealed at the conclusion of a two-year institutional branding process that included broad representation from Eastern’s many constituencies, including students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni and trustees. This collaborative process fostered several statements to help enable members of a diverse University community to communicate with a harmonious voice.  They are as follows:

Brand Promise

(a valued promise that an organization makes to its most important external and internal audiences)

Eastern University combines academic excellence, spiritual formation, evangelism and social justice to inspire students to transform society and the world.

Brand Attributes

(a series of words or phrases, implied in our brand promise, that serve as benefit segments and vivid descriptors)

  1. Engaging academics
  2. Focused on careers and callings
  3. Integration of Christian faith, reason and justice
  4. Passionate, diverse community
  5. Transformational
  6. Urban, suburban, global

Elevator Speech

(a memorized statement that summarizes, in a meaningful way, the essence of our brand and institution)

Eastern is a Christian university that integrates not only faith and reason, but justice as well.  It teaches students what it means to believe in Christ, it teaches them how to think rigorously in their academic disciplines, and it gets them involved in moral and spiritual formation, so that their hearts can be formed in the image of Christ, his wisdom and justice. (Contributed by Phillip Cary)

This version of Eastern University's elevator speech was contributed by faculty member, Phillip Cary, as the winning entry in a campus-wide contest.  Feel free to view speeches that other members of the Eastern Community submitted.

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