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Vaccination Records Available

Vaccination records are frequently needed for travel or employment! Paper records are shredded 3 years after graduation and the Health Center is NOT open June or July.

Health Tip!

Handwashing with hot soap and water is the first step in reducing the transmission of germs!

Info Sheets

Cold or FLU
Gastro-intestinal Virus

Meningitis Vaccine Now the Law

On June 2002, the Governor of Pennsylvania signed into law the College and University Student Vaccination Act that requires all students living on campuses to have been vaccinated for meningitis. Eastern University will permit a signed waiver, should a student choose against the vaccination for moral or ethical reasons.
(This waiver will be available soon through this webpage. Until then, a copy can be obtained by calling the Health Center at 610-341-5955.)

Immunizations and TB Testing

Upon enrolling at Eastern University, all new students must show proof of immunizations and a current TB test completed within one year of the beginning of classes.  All international students must have a tb test upon arrival at Eastern University.  Completion of the Immunization form found under the Health Forms link on the Student Health Center website is required prior to moving in.  Some other tests are mandated by federal, state and local laws and some internship, placement or other "academic experience" hosts require other tests as well.

Contact the carrier for more information

Phone: (267)-880-2300

New Graduates

If you need short term insurance after graduating, or for any other reason, contact these companies for information:
Aetna - 215-658-1776
Fortis Insurance - 1-800-406-2338

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