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CAS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is my bill due?
    Bills are due by the due date listed on the bill.
  2. When do I receive my bill?
    Eastern University sends an email alerting students when their bill is viewable through my.eastern.edu. (Eastern University does not send paper bills.)
  3. How do I log into the EU portal and access my bill?
    To access the EU portal follow these steps:
    -  Log on to my.eastern.edu
  4. How can I have the insurance charges removed from my bil?
    All students must have current and sufficient health insurance and are billed for the Student Health Plan. If you are currently enrolled in  an individual or family health insurance plan and do not need the insurance provided by EU (for which you have or will be billed), you must opt out of the EU program within the first two weeks, of enrollment each year. Please go to www.firststudent.com and submit the required information. Print out the confirmation that you successfully waived and the charge will be removed from your account. If you need assistance with completion of the waiver process, email studev@eastern.edu from your EU email account and they will assist you.
  5. What happens if I cannot pay my balance on time?
    A late payment fee of $110.00 will be charged to your account if your account is not paid in full by the due date on the bill. Each month that your account remains unpaid you will be assessed a 1.5% service charge until your balance is paid in full.
  6. If I have a credit balance on my account, how do I apply for a refund?
    You may receive a paper check refund. Paper check refunds are sent to your home address.
  7. May I cash a personal check in the Student Accounts Office?
    Yes, our office is able to cash your personal checks up to $75.00 each weekday. (On the day that students receive student employment paychecks, students may cash checks up to $150.00.)
  8. Do you accept credit card payments?
    Credit card payments are accepted on the web. You may make your payments using your VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Discover credit card.

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