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Tutoring Support
> Tutor Matching Service can connect you with tutor for a face-to-face tutoring session.  Click here for more information.

> Khan Academy is also a great resource for expanding on topics you may be studying.  Search topics by going to www.khanacademy.org

Writing Support
The Writing Center is available to traditional undergraduate students. It is located in Walton Hall. 

Office of Talent and Career Development
Current students and alumni can contact The Office of Talent and Career Development for resume critique, mock interviews, networking tips, and job search strategies.

Chaplaincy Services
Current students can contact Dr. Joseph Modica, Chaplain for Eastern University, for spiritual formation and direction. He can be reached at jmodica@eastern.edu or 610-341-5826.

Disability Services
Students with documented learning or physical disabilities that interfere with academic performance or daily routines can apply at CCAS for modifications in how academic work is presented and tested or for physical supports needed for daily living.  All involved departments on campus then work together to provide reasonable accommodations for eligible students.  Students needing comprehensive evaluations to establish eligibility for accommodations are referred to community resources.  Visit their webpage by clicking here for more information.

Laptop Support
Current students in need of laptop support can contact the Academic Computing department.  Click here for their contact information.

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