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New Student Orientation - Graduate Students

As a new student to Eastern University, we want to prepare you to be successful in the program.  This three section new student online orientation reviews the essential tools needed for your time as a student, as well as explaining the many support services and resources that are available to all students.  Please go through each section, watching all videos and reviewing all text.  We recommend that you click the full-screen button (bottom-right) of each presentation for easier viewing.

Please note: this orientation is for students in a Graduate/Doctoral or Accelerated Undergraduate program.  Traditional Undergraduate students will have their own freshmen orientation on campus prior to the start of the semester.

Section 1: Introduction to Eastern University

Section 2: Tools for Success

Section 3: Support Services

Once you have completed all sections, confirm your completion by clicking here.

If you have any questions during this orientation process, do not hesitate to reach out to the Advising Center.


For simple, download friendly versions of these presentations, use these links and then click download at the top of the screen:

Introduction to Eastern University

Tools for Success

Support Services

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