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Who may participate (walk) in Commencement?

You are eligible to participate in the May 2016 Commencement if you have an approved academic plan to complete all degree requirements by May 31, 2016. Contact the Registrar's Office for additional information.

What time do I need to be there on Commencement day?

All students need to check-in one hour before the ceremony.

Where do I check-in and line up?

Staff members from Eastern University will be at the Rec Gym to assist you.

How long does the ceremony last?

Typically 1.5 - 2 hours.

Is there a rehearsal for Graduate and Adult Undergraduate Programs (Formerly Campolo College of Graduate Professional Studies) graduates?

No, we just ask that you arrive at least one hour to check-in and prepare for the ceremony.

I am missing my cap, gown, hood, and/or tassel; My academic attire does not fit; Or I still need to order my academic attire. What do I do?

To order your cap and gown, please click here. If you are missing a piece, please email the Eastern University book store eastern@bkstr.com.

I am a PhD or DA student. How do I order my Commencement attire and is there a cost?

PhD and DA students must order their gown through the Herff Jones representative. Please email Chris Urban, Herff Jones College Division, at crusales@msn.com. Orders for custom gowns must be placed 6 weeks prior to Commencement. The Hood is supplied. The cost of the gown is the responsibility of the student.

How much does Commencement attire cost?

The cost is included in your graduation fee which is paid earlier in your program. You can call 610-341-5815 if you have questions.

How do I get a class ring?

Class rings can be found here.

Are tickets required for admission to the ceremony?

Tickets are required for the inside ceremony. Students will be provided two (2) tickets. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis for those with tickets. Additional seating will be available in McInnis Hall. 

I can't attend the ceremony. How do I get my diploma and cover?

We do not give the diplomas out at the cermony. Every graduate gets a diploma cover during the ceremony. Diplomas are mailed to the address on file by the end of July. As long as you have completed all your credits and you do not have any holds on your account, your diplomas and cover will be mailed to you. You do not need to do anything else.

How do I change my address?

If you have moved, please contact the Registrar to change your address. The Registrar can be reached at registra@eastern.edu or 610-341-5853.

I and/or my guest require special accomodations for the ceremony. What should I do?

Please click here for all disability resource information.

Are there refreshments after the ceremony?

Yes, you are your guests are invited to Walton Hall to enjoy light refreshments.

What hotels are around the St. Davids Campus?

Hotel options can be found here.

Is there an additional cost in graduating from Eastern University?

All fees for Commencement are included in the administrative fees that you pay with tuition. The only additional cost would be if you choose to have your cap and gown shipped.

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