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(Q) Academic Advising:  Select classes?  Declare majors? Know my advisor?

A:  All academic FAQ's.

(Q) Admissions:  How does my child apply?

A:  Students can apply online.  They can also call the Admissions Office at 800-452-0996 and request an application.

(Q) Admissions:  Is there an application deadline?

A:  Eastern operates on rolling admissions, which means there are no application deadlines.

(Q) Admissions:  Can an application fee be waived?

A:  Yes. All online applications fees are waived.

(Q) Admissions:  When will my son or daughter receive access to their my.eastern.edu page?

A:  Shortly after applying, the Admissions Office will send your son or daughter information on how to access their my.eastern.edu page. This is where they will go to track the status of their application, see their financial aid, gain class registration information and pay their bill. Do not lose the username/password that will be mailed to your child.

(Q) Admissions:  When can we visit?

A:  Generally, you can visit year round, either for a personal visit or a larger open house.  Visit EU, soon.

(Q) Admissions:  Which hotels are located close to the campus?

A:  List of local hotels.

(Q) Admissions:  What is your doctrinal statement?
A:  Doctrinal Statement

(Q) Admissions:  What is the weather like on campus?
A:  The Greater Philadelphia area experiences all four seasons. It can get pretty cold in the winter, and, in recent years, it is not uncommon for the are to receive several feet of snow. Summers can be hot and humid, however, our spring semester ends before the warmest of the weather arrives.

(Q) Admissions:  Is the campus safe?

A:  By and large, yes. To read more on campus safety.

(Q) Admissions:  Where do I sign up for the EU Emergency Alert System?
A:  EU Emergency Alert System

(Q) Billing:  How do I pay my bill? Check Cost? Etc?

A:  All Billing FAQ's.

(Q) Careers:  What help is available for my student if s/he can't decide on a major?

A:  Eastern's Office of Talent & Career Development offers individual career counseling specifically for helping students choose a major. We also offer interest surveys—such as the Career Exploration Inventory (CEI)—to help students discover areas of interest and what majors might pair well with those areas.

(Q) Careers:  When can my student begin using the Office of Talent & Career Development?

A:  Once a student is enrolled (attending EU), s/he can visit our office to make an appointment with a career counselor, participate in workshops, or look for part-time jobs or internships.  Visit the Office of Talent & Career Development for more information.

(Q) Careers:  Internships, Part-time or Summer Jobs?

A:  Click here.

(Q) Careers:  How can parents serve as effective "career coaches" for students?

A: 1. Support your son/daughter as s/he explores and develops interests through co-curricular activities, leadership positions, volunteering and community service, summer jobs, and internships.

2. Encourage your son/daughter to take advantage of all Office of Talent & Career Development services:  individual career counseling, workshops, job fairs, resume services, resources, etc.

3. Direct your son/daughter to family, friends, and colleagues who are in fields in which your student has an interest.  ‘Informational Interviewing’ can be helpful in career exploration.  How to ...

 4. Consider emailing job openings and internships with your employer to Eastern's Office of Talent & Career Development office.

(Q) Financial Aid:  How do I apply for financial aid?  How do I get Financial Aid?  Etc?

A:  All Financial Aid FAQ's.

(Q) Housing:  How do I get placed into Housing?  How do I pick my room?  Do I have to live on campus? etc?

A:  All Housing FAQ's.

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