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Applying to the CSP

The application process for the College Success Program (CSP) can take a few months to complete. You are encouraged to apply early to Eastern University and to the CSP as spaces in the CSP are limited to 12 qualified students per academic year. Please note that the CSP Coordinator makes the final decision about acceptance.

Important information about the CSP application process:

  • Prospective CSP students must be enrolled in Eastern University’s College of Arts and Sciences as full-time (minimum 12 credits), traditional first-year undergraduate students in a degree earning program.
  • You may simultaneously apply to the CAS and the CSP. However, the CSP Coordinator cannot act on your application packet until being notified that you have been accepted into the CAS.
  • The application deadline for the CSP is February 1 of the year you plan to enroll.
  • Completing the CSP application by your own hand is preferable. If handwriting causes a significant challenge, you may either type your responses or have someone complete the application for you.
  • An in-person interview including you, at least one parent or legal guardian, and the CSP Coordinator will be scheduled after all the required CSP application materials have been received.  The interview will take approximately two hours.
  • You will be notified of the CSP Coordinator’s decision by April 1 of the year you plan to enroll.

Note:  Application to the CSP does not constitute a request for accommodations based on disability. Students wanting to make a formal request for disability accommodations should consult the document “Accommodations for Disabilities: Information for Students” for policies and procedures.

Required CSP Application Documentation:

  • The CSP application: Download the CSP Application for Admission
  • A comprehensive psychological, neuro-psychological, or psychiatric evaluation documenting DSM diagnosis and biopsychosocial information dated within the last three years of the CSP application date
  • A psychoeducational evaluation documenting cognitive function, including IQ and achievement measure(s) dated within the last three years of the CSP application date
  • (Note: a comprehensive psychological evaluation could provide the information requested for bullet points 2 and 3.)
  • Most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP) and/or 504 Plan (if applicable)

For more information, contact Douglas Cornman, CSP Coordinator, at (484) 654-2378 or dcornman@eastern.edu

For more information about admission to Eastern University, contact Michael Dziedziak, Executive Director of Enrollment, at (610) 341-1376 or mdziedzi@eastern.edu

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