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Jobs for Biblical/Theological Studies Majors

A Major in Biblical/Theological Studies usually needs to be in combination with either another major or graduate work in your intended field of specialization, or significant experience in an occupational area. Begin early to gather the experiences and academic requirements you will need to complete your training.

Pastoral Minister- (Requires Seminary training)
Chaplain- (Requires Seminary -- PhD preferred)
Youth Minister- (Experience/coursework working with youth is helpful preparation)
Pastoral Counselor- (Requires MA in Counseling -- or PhD)
Theological Librarian- (Requires M.L.S. -- possibly also MA in Biblical Studies)
Archeologist- (Requires MA in Archeological Studies (year in Holy Land) -- PhD preferred)
Museum Worker- (Requires Master's degree in History or Archeology -- PhD preferred)
Social Worker- (Experience/coursework with intended client is helpful preparation)
Teacher- (MA/PhD program in Old Testament, New Testament or Theology)
Translator- (Combined Biblical Studies (Hebrew & Greek), plus linguistics)
Missionary- (Consider combining with another major or minor: languages are helpful)
Writer- (A combined Biblical Studies/English Writing major is helpful preparation)
Publisher- (A combined Biblical Studies/Communications or English major is helpful)
Drama/Fine Arts- (Christian arts need a base in Biblical Studies)
Broadcaster- (Combined with courses/experience in TV/radio)
Development/ Fund Raising

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