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Do you have questions about financial issues, such as budgeting, debt or credit problems?  CashCourse is a financial education website directed at giving college and recent grads the personal finance knowledge they will need to suceed in college and in the real world. It is a non-commercial, unbiased financial education that we offer freely to our students.
Nerd Wallet
Want to know how much 'rewards' credit cards will run you per year, and how their perks compare?  This site puts card programs side by side so you can make an educated decision.
PayCheck City
Want to know how much your take-home pay will be after taxes?  Use the calculator to figure out how much you'll be bringing home.
Money Under 30
This site is filled to the brim with advice and articles on every topic you can think of as a young adult.  From credit cards and bugeting all the way to morgages and investing, there's something here for every college student.

Credit Card Insider for Students
Information on how to pick a credit card wisely.

Student Loans

A public service of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, this website
takes you through the your student loan options and offers tips on setting up a budget.

Prepayment Calculator
Making extra payments to reduce the principal balance on a loan can help pay off the
loan sooner and reduce the total interest paid over its lifetime.  This calculator can
help you figure out a prepayment timeline.

Fin Aid
A phenomenal resource for all things loan and scholarship related.

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