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Student chaplains 2015

"The Student Chaplain Program has been such a blessing in my life. Being a Student Chaplain for three years not only taught me how to live my life in ministry daily, but it also taught me the value of living in Christian community. Through personal relationships, fellowship activities, and weekly Bible studies, this program gave me the opportunity to share and impact the lives of those with whom I lived. I am so thankful to have been given such an opportunity."

Questions: Please call The Office of Faith and Practice, 610-225-5040 or email jmodica@eastern.edu

Mission Statement

The Student Chaplain program equips students to serve as chaplains in their residence halls. Student Chaplains work intentionally with the University Chaplain and Student Chaplain Leadership Team through retreats, classroom instruction, and spiritual guidance. The Student Chaplain program also works intentionally with the Residence Life staff (RDs and RAs) to provide a supportive and nurturing atmosphere in the residence halls where students can develop their relationship with God and others.

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