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SAB Committees

Entertainment Committee
This committee is primarily responsible for dances, including the Welcome Back and Homecoming dances, but also for large off-campus events such as the Spring Banquet. It also coordinates the annual student Christmas Party and some miscellaneous events. Contact Jacklyn McNulty for more information.

Performing Arts Committee
This committee organizes Coffee houses featuring student performers, as well as a variety of small on-campus concerts. The Performing Arts Committee usually promotes at least one larger national market concert each school year, but tends to focus on smaller groups representing a variety of musical genres to better serve the diverse interests of our student body. Contact Danielle Craig for more information.

Special Events Committee
Special Events encompasses a wide variety of events, from on-campus films and games to off-campus bowling and shore trips. Major annual events include the Fall Carnival and Pizza Harvest, but this committee tends to vary its events from year to year. Contact Justin George for more information.

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