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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Student Activities Offices?
The Student Activities Offices are located in Kea-Guffin.

Whom do I contact to get basic information about activities on campus?
First, check the student activities calendar or the clubs and organziations page.  If you do not know the specific person or group running an event, the best way to start any search for information about an activity is to contact Benjamin Howard at bhoward@eastern.edu or call 610-341-1705.

I want to plan a student activity. What do I do?
See How To Plan An Activity

How do I get involved in planning student activities?
See How To Get Involved

Can I use an all-campus voicemail to promote my event?
We try to rarely use voicemail as a means of publicizing events. All-campus voicemails should be reserved for emergency situations or instances when there are last-minute changes that cannot be promoted through other means. Voicemail has limited use as a publicity tool to begin with, and the more we use it the less effective it becomes.

Can I use sidewalk chalk to promote an event?
Chalk can be used on any asphalt or concrete walkway (NOT bricks) that are exposed to the elements (i.e., they will be washed clean by rain). Do not use chalk on buildings or any other surface that would require an effort to remove.

Are there policies for student groups?
Yes.  If you are interested in starting a new club or organization, you must pick up a form at the SGA (Student Government Office).  You will then submit the form and information to the Dean of Students for approval.  Once approved, copy the form and your group constitution, and provide your leadership team’s names and contact info to BOTH SGA and the Student Activities Office.

Clubs are also required to submit the End of the Year Report each April.


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