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The Shield

Eastern University Shield

The shield consists of the following basic elements:

  • The stylized shield superimposed with a capital “E”. The shield is a familiar shape that denotes academic strength and gives a sense of history to the University. It also has biblical imagery of protection (Psalm 3:3 “But you O Lord, are a shield around me…”). 
  • The large “E” stands for Eastern, a name which as been consistent since our founding, even as the appellations after it have changed (Baptist, College, University). This letter is part of the Goudy typeface family.
  • The curving line which breaks the shield into two parts symbolizes a horizon, which connotes a forward-looking approach to education, and the globe, denoting Eastern’s global outreach, impact and programs.
  • The small numerals “1925” with a cross in the center. 1925 is the date of Eastern’s founding as part of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Seminary) and conveys the fact that Eastern has been involved with higher education for the better part of a century.
  • The cross inside the 1925 symbolizes Eastern’s solid foundation of Christianity and its commitment to Christian higher education. 

Shield Usage

Shield Usage

Shield Files Available: Color, gray-scale, or white in .tif, .eps, .png and .gif formats. These are the only options to be used.

Whenever possible the University Web site, www.eastern.edu, should appear in conjunction with the shield. Placement is at the bottom of the shield. The width of the Web address should be the same as the width of the top of the shield. The font is Goudy bold, PMS 208 for the color shield, Pantone Cool Gray 10 for the black and gray shield.

To maintain legibility, the logo may not be reproduced smaller than an inch.  

The Logo

Eastern University Logo

The Logo consists of the shield and the words Eastern University. Using faith, reason, justice is the preferred option, but it may be used without them. You may also add www.eastern.edu below University according to specs. 


Logo Files Available: Color, gray-scale (black and gray), or white, with faith, reason, justice and without, with the Web address and without, in .tif, .eps, .png and .gif formats. These are the only options to be used. 

The University logo uses Goudy or Goudy Old Style font family. Do not use Goudy Sans.

The fonts are used as follows:

Eastern Fonts

Correct Usage

  • The shield must always appear with the words. Do not use the words alone. 
  • Lines must appear above and below University.
  • The shield always appears to the left of the words, never above or to the right.
  • The shield is the height of the words Eastern University, except when used on business cards and envelopes.
  • Eastern and University always appear stacked. Do not use them next to each other.
  • Eastern is always Goudy Bold and captialized. 
  • The font color can be PMS 208 or black. The whole logo reversed is the only other option. No other combination may be used.
  • University is always Goudy, Pantone Cool Gray 10 and captialized. The whole logo reversed is the only other option. No other combination may be used.
  • The E in the shield and the horizon line should always be the same color.
  • The top of the shield is always the same color as Eastern (PMS 208 or black), the bottom of the shield is always PMS Cool Gray 10. The shield and words can both be reversed to white. No other combination may be used.
  • When using www.eastern.edu, it should be the equal to the space between the “I”s in University and below the logo a distance equal to the height of University.
  • “Faith reason justice” should extend from the “E” to the “N” in Eastern, using Goudy italic and Pantone Cool Gray 10.
  • Tag lines must stand separate from the logo.

The Seal

The University Seal is an important part of Eastern University’s identity and the official emblem used on diplomas and certificates. The seal has evolved from its first use at the Seminary in 1932. The Greek lettering on the seal explains the mission of Eastern University to take the whole Gospel to the whole world. It literally means “when you go” from Matthew 28:19. The current seal is the only one that should be in use. 

To maintain legibility, the seal may not be reproduced smaller than 3/16 of an inch.

Eastern University Seal
Eastern University Seal
Eastern University Seal

Seal Colors

  • The colors that make up the Eastern University Seal are Pantone 208, Black, White
  • The seal may print in black, or it may reverse out of a solid color. 

Size proportionately. Never expand or condense the seal. NOTE: When re-sizing a graphic, hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard to keep the graphic in proportion. Do not attempt to recreate the seal with other fonts or artwork.

Palmer Theological Seminary

Palmer SeminaryThe Palmer Theological Seminary logo should be used on all Seminary publications, advertisements, unofficial documents, certificates or materials in relationship with the Seminary. It may not be used on diplomas or any official documents in relationship with Eastern University. The lettering, “The Seminary of Eastern University” must always accompany the logo as it identifies the Seminary’s relationship with Eastern University.  

The Communications Office of Eastern University is responsible for overseeing the visual identity, approving visual identity formats and establishing style guidelines. 

These guidelines include the following:

  • Advertisements and public service announcements
  • Electronic forms of communication such as Web sites or newsletters transmitted through e-mail
  • Printed communications such as publications, newsletters, magazines, posters and flyers
  • Stationery
  • Videos
  • Any other materials that project a visual image of the University


Eastern Eagles

The Eastern University Athletic logo was redesigned in 2011. Athletic logos are to be used for athletics only and not to represent Eastern University in any form on print/Web marketing media. 

For question on the use of the Athletic Logo, please contact Athletics.

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