You may be asking yourself, what have I just stumbled upon?  Well, welcome to Eastern's 24-Hour New Play Workshop Information Page.  This is where you can get all the details on the upcoming event.

About the Project:

The 24-Hour New Play Workshop takes place over the course of 24-hours, where participants are carefully placed into teams with the task of creating a brand new play, to be performed at the end of the 24-hours. Teams consist of one writer, one director, and two actors who will be collaborating together to create a brand-new short play, from brainstorming to rehearsal to production. Throughout our time together, teams will be thrown “curveballs” to provide creative challenges, guidance and more opportunities to collaborate in making something awesome. As a culmination, the new plays YOU create will be performed at the end of the creating period!

Requirements for Roles:

Director - We are inviting directors who have directed for NPW before, have taken the directing class, or who are interested in taking a stab at directing!

Writer - We are inviting writers who have written for NPW before, have written for PALR, or have written something else that we have seen and approved (send something our way!).

Actor - We are inviting actors who have acted for NPW before or would like to act for NPW now!  All are welcome!

Helper - We are inviting other people who want to hang out with the producers to assist us in running this thing well! This position is ideal for people who want to participate and be involved but can’t commit the full 24 hours (or, people who can be there the whole time but would rather not be an actor, director or writer). This role is very important and we need good helpers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this event?

Eastern's New Play Workshop is hosted by Eastern Alumni and provides a space to all artists to help them write, direct, and produce a play all in 24 hours. 

We need people from all backgrounds to provide their voices, and make their plays come to life! 

When is this event happening?

January 13th at 7pm ending on January 14th at 9pm.

That sounds like a long time, will I be able to sleep?

Of course!

Do I need to bring/pay anything?

Nope! Nothing! Just bring yourself, and some pens and paper!

I'm so excited! Where do I sign up?

You can email and we can provide you with more information!