Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Business Leadership Concentration

The Business Concentration is designed primarily for those who have already earned an MBA or its equivalent and who therefore do not need another introduction to the essential disciplines of business leadership (e.g. marketing, finance, human resources, communications, etc.). Instead, this concentration utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to address practices and issues of concern to 21st-century leaders. The focus is on the business leader as decision-maker, consultant and scholar.  The knowledge base, practice and academic skills acquired in this program will not only prepare the business leader to advance in his/her work but will also enable a transition to consulting and scholarly roles. The PhD in Organizational Leadership will prepare students with the necessary research skills to qualify them for teaching and scholarship at the university level.

Curriculum (15 Credits)

  • MNGT 750: Organizational Design
  • MNGT 760: Organizational Change and Development
  • MNGT 770: Strategic Management of Human Resources
  • MNGT 780: Training and Development
  • MNGT 880: Consulting Practice

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