Urban Studies Student Testimonials

"This program [MA in Urban Studies, Community Arts] is transformative in and of itself. Even the fact that they refuse to meet in the suburbs speaks volumes to their heart. Unapologetic. Unwilling to conform. True to the heart of the artist."
- Kelly Finlaw, Class of 2013 (ARTS)

"I’ve really had a good experience in the Master of Arts in Urban Studies program. I came to Eastern because I wanted more practical knowledge and experience of how to work in the urban setting, and I’ve gotten that and more! Classes from Community Revitalization Strategies to Race and Ethnic Relationship even to Business management prepared me to go into the urban setting and use the talents, the gifts, and the passions that God has given me."
- Rebecca Welsh, Class of 2011 (CDEV)

"My experience at Eastern University has been incredible! The professors are excellent. The courses are vitally relevant in my context. If you are looking for a program that goes beyond typical church models and small-minded solutions than Eastern University’s Master of Arts in Urban Studies is the program for you."
- Joshua Hilliard, Class of 2011

"I highly recommend Eastern University for graduate studies. I am currently a student in the Masters of Arts in Urban Studies program with a concentration in Youth Leadership via their partnership with Mission Year. My classes at Eastern are the first opportunity I have had to merge my faith with my passion for social justice in an educational environment! The opportunity to complete my entire program online allows me to continue the work I was already a part of in Missouri in the community and still gain valuable skills to better serve where I am already at. My classmates are phenomenal change agents all over the United States and abroad. Our community as we learn is one of the most spectacular surprises in my time at Eastern. I knew I would get an invaluable education, but I had no idea I would gain so many friends and valuable partners in bringing social change!"
- Katherine Hargrove, Current student in the Youth Development Concentration

"The program prepares artists to effectively engage their creativity with the fullest potential to facilitate change in urban communities. The program cultivates artists as change agents who understand the context in which they serve and who are prepared to be alongside the people they serve"
- Julia Crawford, Class of 2012

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