Sarah Lebo

Adjunct Faculty

Sarah Lebo began her post college career as a journalist for medical publications. After a decade interviewing and publishing stories about heroic medical providers, she felt inspired to pursue her own clinical training so she could contribute to the community in a more tangible way. Sarah obtained a master’s in Counseling Psychology from Eastern University in 2010. Following that she moved to Portland, Oregon and began working in a methadone clinic as their clinical specialist. She gained valuable professional experience coordinating inpatient detox and military intake assessments for a local psychiatric hospital as well. 

Since returning to central Pennsylvania in 2018 she opened up a private practice on her 8-acre hobby farm just outside of Gettysburg, PA. Amidst goats, chickens, pigs, vegetables and flowers, she assists individuals in processing trauma and learning sensorimotor/mindfulness strategies (often outside in nature). She also assisted in counseling college students and doing drug and alcohol trainings at the Dickinson College wellness center. She is now a licensed professional counselor, a nationally certified drug and alcohol counselor, as well as an EMDR certified clinician. She has attended advanced training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in recent years.