People for People Institute was founded through an agreement signed on August 1, 2007 by the former President of Eastern University, Dr. David R. Black and President of People for People, Inc., Rev. Dr. Herbert H. Lusk II. Dr. Black and Rev. Lusk are entrepreneurial and visionary leaders, known for their commitment and success in forging cross-cultural partnerships and creating progressive urban and international programs.


People for People Institute is a partnership between Eastern University, a comprehensive Christian university and People for People Inc., a faith-based nonprofit organization founded by Rev. Dr. Herbert H. Lusk II. At the Greater Exodus Baptist Church.  The mission of People for People Inc. is to create neighborhood revitalization through a strategy of comprehensive community development.


The mission of People for People Institute is to provide Eastern University higher education degree programs that will lead to professional and personal empowerment and employment for traditionally disenfranchised and underrepresented Philadelphia residents within the community, constituents, partners and clients of People for People, Inc. and Greater Exodus Baptist Church.