Sherria Allen

Dear People for People Institute Staff,
I would be [ashamed] if I did not take just a few minutes to let People for People Institute (PFPI) know how appreciative and indebted I am to each of you for whatever role you played in my journey at PFPI. Let me first thank God for allowing me the opportunity to enroll in the program… I looked at and attended other schools, but none of them held a candle to the warmth, dedication and sincerity of the PFPI staff. The pep talks, self-disclosing testimonies and genuine spirit… helped me to stay on course despite the obstacles. When I did not understand the courses, the schedules and the unspoken details of various situations, [you were] right there to quiet the storm.

Now please permit me a moment to dote on the Professors at PFPI. Professor Betterson erased my fear about math and caused me to think outside of the box, which gave me a change of heart concerning math. Professor Chelsea Foster was a major blessing and opened my eyes to business writing in a tremendous way; I only wish I had her for more than one class. There are so many others I would like to personally acknowledge however, time will not allow.

The journey that I have begun at PFPI has not ended… I am presently enrolled in the BA Organizational Leadership. Upon completion of my BA in Organizational Leadership I am endeavoring to further my success in the MA Urban Studies in Community Development. I will not stop after receiving my Master Degree and I am looking forward to earning a Doctorate Degree at Palmer Seminary in Biblical Studies.

A simple thank you could not suffice for the words and love that fills my heart when I think of PFPI staff. Thank you for your assistance and encouragement and keen eye[s] to see my hidden abilities locked up in the inside.  I would like to give a special “Thank You” to Eastern University and Pastor Lusk for developing such a great and outstanding program.
Thank you and may God continue to pour out his riches blessings on everyone’s life, God Bless!

Respectfully yours,
Sherria Allen
Ms. Allen is a student from People for People Institute's 5th Graduating class.

Rashida Prout

Dear Eastern University and People for People Institute,

I am very grateful and thankful for the opportunity, and more importantly the blessing to be a student at Eastern University through People for People Institute. My journey started out with a mindset to do my very best and earn an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts which I have accomplished with the unwavering support of my Professors, and the staff at People for People. Each and every time I entered the People for People building to attend classes I could feel the goodness and love from the spirit of the people in the building. In my heart I felt like I should be there.

I also could not have accomplished my goal without my classmates, and the affectionate name I have collectively given them "my sisters in faith". The journey was not easy. I've seen the darkness and the light. The greatest gift of all is that I am much closer to God.
Thank you Lord, People for People Institute, and Eastern University!

Rashida Prout
Ms. Prout is a student from People for People Institute's 6th Graduating class.

Barbara James

Dear Mr. Shane,

Our Bible class was truly a blessing, I really enjoyed it. Reverend Byrd was truly a blessing to the class. He gave us so much good and important information about God. He explained the information very well. Reverend Byrd represents God very well, he is a great teacher and he was always encouraging the class. The class learned a lot about the Bible from Reverend Byrd. God has blessed him in the word of God. He was an inspiration to me. I am enjoying my [time at] Eastern University. I have enjoyed all the teachers, instructors that I had so far, and I will enjoy the rest of the teachers. This University is such a blessing to me. I am enjoying learning, and I am trying my best with the help of the Lord to keep my grades up. I couldn't do it without the Lord.

I thank you Mr. Shane for all those encouraging e-mails, they encourage me to go on. All of the teachers encourage us, letting us know that we can make it, hang in there, stick with it and [not] give up.

Barbara James
Ms. James is a student at People for People Institute in the Early Childhood Education Concentration and looks forward to graduating in December 2014.