Last Updated: 9/27/21

Current Case Numbers

Current Residential Student Positives: 1
Current Non-Residential Student Positives: 1
Current Employee Positives: 0

Cumulative Case Numbers

Cumulative Residential Student Positives: 12
Cumulative Non-Residential Student Positives: 3
Cumulative Employee Positives: 2

Isolation & Quarantine Beds Available

Isolation Beds: For students who have tested positive for COVID-19

Total Isolation Beds:

Total Isolation Beds Available: 11
Isolation Beds in Use: 1

Quarantine Beds: For students possibly exposed to COVID-19 who are quarantining as a precautionary measure

Total Quarantine Beds:

Total Quarantine Beds Available: 64
Quarantine Beds in Use: 0
Total Quarantined in Dorm Rooms: 0
Total Quarantined at Home: 0

Testing for Residential Students, September 2021

Residential Students Tested: 708
Residential Students Positive*: 3
Percent Positive: .42

Testing for Residential Students, August 2021

Residential Students Tested: 851
Residential Students Positive*: 1
Percent Positive: .12

* Any students who tested positive were not permitted to move onto campus and were sent home to quarantine.