Statement of Community Standards

Eastern University as an intentional, evangelical Christian, academic community, aspires to pattern itself after the relationship between Jesus and His followers. That first Christian community demonstrated the attributes of forgiveness and accountability, affirmation and challenge, forthrightness and patience.  In a spirit of servanthood and respect for diversity in the body of Christ, Eastern University attempts no less.

Therefore, we the faculty, administration, and trustees of Eastern University commit ourselves to serve as role models for our students, with whom we partner in living, learning, and discipleship. We also commit ourselves to the standards of Biblical conduct articulated in the Student Handbook. In keeping Jesus' command to love one another even as God loved us, we pledge to accept one another as whole and complex persons; to engage in communication that is honest and respectful; to offer the highest standards of scholarly integrity and inquiry; to value family relationships, sexual abstinence outside of marriage, and sexual fidelity within marriage; to embody justice in our social and economic dealings; and to eschew the corrupting misuse of power.