1. Christ-centered and Holistic

We are Christ-centered and holistic in all of our programs. We seek to fulfill our motto, “The whole Gospel for the whole world.”

2. Committed to High Quality 

We are committed to high quality in all areas, whether academic, spiritual or service oriented. In particular, we look for creative ways to be effective in the classroom, embracing innovative methodology as an important adjunct to traditional pedagogy.

3. Student-Centered

We are student-centered — the primary focus of our work is the intellectual, spiritual and psychological development of students. We care about the whole person, seeking to provide a variety of student services, learning experiences and service opportunities that support emotional, spiritual, professional and physical development.

4. Discipleship Model of Education

We are committed to a discipleship model of education. Faculty give themselves to students — life on life — resulting in a deep impact. We want our education to be life transforming and incarnational, acquired through relationships as well as information. Unlike much in the culture around us, we will not divorce competence from conscience. We have a passionate desire that the Kingdom of God be experienced and embraced by people who live out their faith in their lives.

5. Changing Lives

We want to change lives. In a culture that tends to value the credential or degree rather than the person who receives the degree, we seek to educate and develop men and women of intellectual ability, strong character and deep Christian commitment. We seek students who are serious, teachable and invested in their educational experience, so that we can have maximum impact on their intellectual and spiritual formation.

6. Inclusive Christian Community

Within the unity of our faith, we seek to be an inclusive Christian community. Held together by our passionate commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of all, we are enriched by persons of different ethnicities, ages, academic programs, nationalities, gender, economic backgrounds, political views and ways of understanding the Christian’s place in the world.

7. Be a Leader, Not a Follower

Eastern aspires to be a leader, not a follower. We want to change the shape of Christian higher education and the world. Our entrepreneurial spirit makes us willing to be innovative and take appropriate risks for the sake of carrying out our mission in the world.

8. Equipping for Significant Contributions

We know that our impact on the world is a direct result of our impact on the lives of our students and graduates. We want to equip men and women to make significant contributions wherever they are in life or in the world — in their communities, with families and friends, through their businesses, governments or churches. In all that we do, we seek to avoid parochialism and self-centeredness in the service of Christ and his Kingdom. With strong vision, new technology and more flexible accreditation standards that allow experimentation, we are a small school that really can make a big difference in the world.

9. Highly Resourceful

We are learning to be highly resourceful, wisely using our time, energy and resources to make things happen. As part of our resourcefulness, we will increasingly focus our resources and attention on a limited number of areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact.