Tim Wortham, Jr.Greetings to you, alumni of Eastern University. 

My name is Tim Wortham, Jr., and I am the Associate Vice President for Alumni & Family Engagement. If you are like me, many of the messages you have received as of late have talked about the challenges of the past two years during this “unprecedented time.” While such an acknowledgement seems a bit inevitable, and certainly appropriate, I would like to at least try a slightly different approach here.

First, I want to thank you all for your continued support. Whether you made a financial contribution, participated in one of our virtual events, engaged with us on social media, or simply sent in a note of encouragement, I am grateful. You continue to demonstrate how giving back comes in many forms, all of which are meaningful and impactful. Which brings me to my next point: ways to stay connected to Eastern.

We have all heard of the three T’s of time, talent, and treasure. I would like to invite you to consider the many ways in which you can contribute those first two. Have you ever considered serving as an alumni mentor to a current student who may be in your former degree program,  who may be a first-generation college student like you were, or who shares some other common experience? Did you know we are looking to fill empty seats on our Alumni Advisory Board? We have also created limited engagement opportunities through teams constructed to work on specific projects like homecoming planning, and more.

Every year we look for alumni to serve as guest speakers in classes or on panels. As leaders and experts in your varied fields and professions, it is invaluable for current students to hear the perspective of our graduates. When possible, we also hope to gather our community  to participate in days of service. Imagine working side-by-side with your fellow alumni, current students, faculty, and staff in service to a local nonprofit serving an area of need. We also need regional ambassadors who will work with us to bring Eastern events to your city or town! These are a few examples of the ways you can remain an active member of the EU community.

In our office, we also depend on you to tell us what type of programming you find most meaningful and beneficial. Whether it be networking opportunities, social gatherings, or continuing education, we want to become a lifelong resource to our graduates, not merely the place where you once went to school. Eastern longs to be an active part of your life and you can help us be just that. For more information or if you have any questions about the ways in which you can get involved, email us at alumni@eastern.edu.

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