We live in a country that incarcerates more of its citizens than any other nation in the world. Eastern University is located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which has more persons serving juvenile life without parole sentences than any other state, and incarcerates a larger percentage of its minority population than any other state.  Eastern University is in the Philadelphia area, and that school district’s zero tolerance policies also contribute to the over incarceration of young people, particularly youth of color. Trying youth as adults, housing youth in adult jails and prisons, the prevalence of prison rape, the dangers of solitary confinement and matters related to the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act are all issues of concern for the Center for Urban Youth Development.

CUYD is available to offer practical workshops and educational presentations on these and related youth justice issues. To join our mailing list, or to request a presentation, email Dr. Kimberlee Johnson at cuyd@eastern.edu.

Juvenile Justice Resources

Youth Justice Training & Events

Over the past year, the Center for Urban Youth Development has offered a course on Juvenile Justice Ministry Models, co-coordinated the Reconcile, Recover, Restore: Reentry Conference, sponsored YJAM Cafe (youth justice awareness month performing arts event), and hosted a youth justice forum.

Educational Juvenile Justice Forums

Our youth justice forums are geared toward people engaged or interested in holistic prison ministry or reentry efforts with young people ages 24 & under. We've learned from experienced practitioners from Juvenile Law Center, Straight Ahead Ministries, Coalition for Juvenile Justice, Justice and Mercy, Inc., Defenders Association of Philadelphia, formerly incarcerated youth who have survived the juvenile and criminal justice systems, and have partnered with the efforts of the Campaign for Youth Justice. If you want to effectively engage in efforts that transform individual lives, communities and, systems, we invite you to attend our bi-annual forums.

Sponsors of our forums have included Better Days Ahead, Inc., Judson Press, Evangelicals for Social Action, Bible Way Baptist Church, Brown's ShopRite, and Slices Pizza (Ridge Avenue).

In 2006, more than 2,000 residential juvenile justice facilities in the United States housed more than 90,000 juvenile offenders. Although these facilities all served adjudicated youth, they differed by purpose, type, operational characteristics, and service provisions. This factsheet provides a snapshot of the continuum of juvenile justice facilities in the United States. 

Other Resources
  • Center for Policy Alternatives:  the nation's only nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to strengthen the capacity of state legislators to lead and achieve progressive change
  • Legal representation: Defenders Association of Philadelphia
  • Justice and Mercy, Inc.: nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to decreasing the effects of crime in our communities, increasing public safety, and ministering to and restoring both crime victims and offenders
  • Multiple resources for advocacy: Campaign for Youth Justice
  • Juvenile Law Center: a national advocate for children’s rights, working across the country to enforce and promote the rights and well-being of children who come into contact with the justice, child welfare and other public systems