The University utilizes several modes of assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs: course evaluations, student learning assessment plans/reports and a consistent schedule of academic program reviews.  The Office of the Provost reviews all majors/programs on a rotating seven year cycle.  External reviews of all programs/majors are conducted every other cycle.

In conjunction with the Deans and the Office of the Provost, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Assessment manages the academic program review process.


The Academic Program Review is designed to serve as a comprehensive evaluation of each major program of study.  Essentially, this review considers the key question, Is this program effective?, from a variety of perspectives: pedagogical, curricular, financial, organizational and mission.

Specifically, the purposes of the program review are to recognize the strengths and limitations of the major/program through an assessment of:

  1. the role of the major/program within Eastern University, as guided by its mission, vision and strategic goals;
  2. the curricular and co-curricular aspects of the major program, including the extent to which the overall purposes, goals, and stated objectives of these are met;
  3. the breadth and depth of teaching and learning in the major;
  4. the facilities, equipment, staffing, library resources, and support services available in support of the major; and
  5. the long- and short-range goals of the department associated with the major, along with the implications of these for staffing, budget, and programs.

A central purpose of the program review is to develop a strategy for building on the strengths of the major and for addressing the program’s unmet needs.

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