The Institutional Assessment Committee, with a membership representing functions and constituents across the institution, serves as the advisory council to the President and Leadership Team in assessing effectiveness across the institution’s academic and administrative units.

The Charge of the IAC Committee is to:

  • Promote a culture of assessment across the institution;
  • Develop and promote best practices in assessment to support continuous institutional renewal;
  • Promote consistent improvement of academic and administrative processes through assessment;
  • Analyze the institution’s key performance indicators, information and assessment data regarding overall institutional performance and progress toward the institution’s mission and goals;
  • Recommend and evaluate comparative studies with benchmark and other higher education institutions and cohorts;
  • Document the institution’s effectiveness in achieving its mission and goals by producing an Annual Report on Institutional Assessment that provides feedback on the results of implemented institutional assessments and includes recommendations for renewal;
  • Conduct an annual review of the Institutional Plan for Assessment and Renewal and use of assessments;
  • Function as the central repository for assessment related information as well as the distribution point for university-level assessment results;
  • Advise the Leadership Team on matters related to assessment and evaluation;
  • Advise the Leadership Team for the sake of affecting the Strategic Plan and budgeting.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings for this committee are held on a monthly basis during the academic year.