Frequently Asked Questions About The Alumni Survey

I am an alum. How do I know if I qualify for the survey?

Alum who graduated 1, 5 or 10 years ago qualify for the survey.

How do you define 1, 5 or 10 years?

The annual survey is open to all Eastern University graduates of all programs inclusive of Esperanza College and Palmer Seminary from the following years:

  • July 1, 2009- June 30, 2010
  • July 1, 2014- June 30, 2015
  • July 1, 2018- June 30, 2019
What if I don't qualify for the years above but I want to participate in the survey?

This survey will be an annual survey in that every year the alum in the 1, 5 and 10 years will be surveyed.

  • July 1, 2009- June 30, 2010
  • July 1, 2014- June 30, 2015
  • July 1, 2018- June 30, 2019

If you do not qualify, please feel free to provide your feedback on the Alternative Alumni Survey.  

What if I graduated over 10 years ago?

For now we are limiting the data in this survey to 10 years. We will investigate ways in the future to survey older classes. You can complete the alternate survey to give us any feedback you have for us or to update your contact information and we will be sure to get it to the appropriate places.

Is this survey open to all Eastern University Graduates of all programs?

Yes, if you graduated from any program from Eastern University within those time frames above you can take the survey. If you earned an undergraduate degree, master's degree or doctoral degree from Eastern University, Esperanza College or Palmer Theological Seminary you can answer the survey.

I graduated from multiple Eastern University programs, what year do I use for this survey?

Please answer the survey for the year that applies. For example, if your Bachelor's degree from Eastern was obtained in Spring 2010 but you graduated with an MEd degree in Spring 2014, we would hope that you would seek to answer this survey using your experience in the MEd program as the baseline. You would then still be eligible to take the survey again in Fall 2020 answering the survey through the lens of the Bachelor's degree from Spring 2010.

Who is conducting this Survey?

This survey is being run by the Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness.

What is the purpose of the Survey?

The primary purpose of this Alumni survey is to assist Eastern University with assessing if Eastern University's mission is evidenced by the graduates that it produces. The survey results will be used to enhance Eastern University's academic programs, student life, career networking and alumni outreach.

Mission Statement: Eastern University is a Christian university dedicated to the preparation of undergraduate, theological and graduate students for thoughtful and productive lives of Christian faith, leadership and service. The mission is confirmed and celebrated when graduates believer their way into knowledgeable action that influences the world in substantive ways.

This survey is one way of measuring how well University has fulfilled the foundational commitments:

  • To excellence in scholarship and teaching
  • To the whole Gospel for the whole world through whole persons
  • To justice, reconciliation, and transformation
  • To responsible leadership and stewardship
  • To Christian community

We look forward to hearing how Eastern University students are impacting their communities and the world.

How will the information on this survey be used?

As stated in the Purpose of the Survey, this survey is primarily for research purposes and will be used to provide insights about what an Eastern University graduate looks like. The survey results will be used to enhance Eastern University's academic programs, student life, career networking and alumni outreach. We will make every effort to protect your personal information. Due to the sensitive nature of some questions, some answers to the survey will only be distributed aggregately.

Data will be shared with offices on campus when relevant. Here are some examples of how the data may be used:

Career Services may use the question, what resources did you use in your job search, to help current students understand that majority of Eastern Alumni got their jobs by using these top 3 resources.

A dean or faculty member may use the question, rate the skills you learned at Eastern and the frequency of use of those skills, to revise curriculum.

Are all the questions on the survey required in order to complete?

While we would like you to answer all of the questions on the survey, please know that you can skip questions if you choose not to answer them.

Why do you ask for my name?

The primary reason we are asking for your name is so that we can match up your demographics to what we have in our data files. If we don't ask you your name, we would have to ask you another 10-20 questions.

How long will the survey take me to complete?

The survey should take you approximately 10 minutes.

I am interested in seeing the results of the survey, will that be possible?