The mission of the Office of Student Learning Assessment at Eastern University is to provide leadership and service in support of the university’s culture of assessment.  In keeping with the University’s threefold mission of education in Christian Faith, Reason and Justice, the office subscribes to the values of integrity, accessibility, and transparency.  Assessments based upon these characteristics provide data that document excellence and support improvement fostering ongoing growth and renewal.

Student Learning Goals

Derived from the University mission, Student Learning Goals animate student learning assessment.

  1. Students develop intellectual curiosity, passion, and agility, valuing the life of the mind and life-long learning.
  2. Students develop their critical thinking, reflection, analysis and communication skills.
  3. Students develop knowledge and competencies in the arts, sciences and professions.
  4. Students develop and expand their Christian worldview, grounded in the Scriptures.
  5. Students discern the ethical consequences of decisions and actions.
  6. Students are motivated to assume responsibility for justice and to show a transformative influence—especially regarding social, political and economic justice.
  7. Students are prepared to live in an interdependent world, aware of societal and global problems and committed to engage in solving them.
  8. Students increase in self-awareness and in their sensitivity towards others and others’ needs and situations.
  9. Students contribute to fostering an environment where diversity is appreciated and reconciliation is practiced.