Welcome transfer and current Eastern students! The following documents will guide you through the transfer equivalency process for Traditional Undergraduate students. These documents detail how courses from the listed institutions will transfer to EU, but are not a comprehensive list of all transferable courses.

Transfer Equivalency Guides

*The Equivalency Guides are updated regularly. EU reserves the right to make changes to these webpages at any time. Please check back for additional courses and institutions (including both community and four-year institutions).

If you have additional questions concerning transfer equivalencies, please contact the following staff members:

Useful Information for Transfer Students

Credit Evaluation

EU accepts up to 89 transfer credits. Accepted courses must be at or above the 100-level, have grades of “C” (2.00) or better, and come from accredited institutions. You may submit additional course information (ex. syllabus/textbook) to assist in refining the evaluation upon request to Karen Thompson. If you are currently taking courses, please make sure to send an official transcript with final grades to the Admissions Office at the end of your semester so that your evaluation can be updated.

Quick Links for a Prospective Transfer

Useful Information for Current Students

    Current Eastern University students are required to submit the Permission to Take Course Work Elsewhere Form to the Registrar’s Office prior to enrolling in courses at another institution.

    Approval of the Permission to Take Course Work Elsewhere Form guarantees that credits and grades earned at other institutions will be calculated into the student’s Eastern GPA and that the courses will satisfy desired requirements or electives. For courses above the 100-level in your major, submit the form (link provided above) with course description(s) to the chair of your EU department first. The EU chair will evaluate your request. After the EU chair has reviewed the request, send the form to the Registrar’s Office for final approval. For elective courses, general education requirements, or courses on the 100-level in your major, submit the form (link provided above) with course description(s) directly to the Registrar’s Office.

    Please note: It is the student's responsibility to register at the other institution and pay all applicable tuition and fees. When the approved course(s) have been completed, request to have an official transcript from the other institution sent to the Registrar’s Office.