What are partnerships?

Partnerships are collaborative, mutually-beneficial, and formal relationships between two entities or more that create opportunities for organizations to advance common goals.

What types of partnerships are offered at Eastern University?

The University generally offers four types of partnerships: (1) Articulation, (2) Corporate Educational Partnership, (3) Program Delivery and Development, and (4) Research/Internships.

For more information about each type, click here.

A number of the partnerships at Eastern University are focused primarily on offering tuition discounts to partner organizations. Some are Dual Admissions agreements with colleges and universities in the greater Pennsylvania region. Other partnerships provide internship or service learning opportunities to both our undergraduate and graduate students.

What kinds of partnership benefits are offered at Eastern University?

Depending on the type and purpose of the partnership, partnership benefits may vary. Most organizations that partner with us receive tuition discounts, which help make the cost of education affordable for their employees as well as create opportunities for continuing education and career advancement.

Who does Eastern University partner with?

The University partners with various organizations from NGOs to for-profit organizations, and from governmental organizations to colleges and universities. Learn more about some of our partner organizations. We love building partnerships with those that have an interest in the University mission. Learn more.

Is there a partnership membership fee?

Partnerships at Eastern University are free of charge, except for a few international partner organizations.

How do I get involved once the partnership is established?

There are multiple ways to get involved at Eastern University:

  • Apply for a degree program
  • Take a course
  • Request promotional materials to share with your employees or students
  • Host an information session or attend a marketing event
  • Join us for Windows on the World
  • Participate in sporting events or public activities on campus
  • Host an intern
  • Recruit employees
How do I promote the partnership benefits to my organization's employees?

There are several was you can promote the program to your organization's employees or students. The Partnership Office would be happy to assist you with the promotion of partnership benefits.

How do I know if my company is in partnership with Eastern University?

Submit an information request using the Partnership Inquiry form and we will respond to your inquiry between 24-48 hours. Don't hesitate to contact us via email for pressing questions: dshane@eastern.edu.