Completers of the MBA-Social Impact will be able to:

  1. Cast a moral vision for business.
  2. Exercise inclusive leadership to engage the full array of stakeholders in the formation and direction of social impact ventures.
  3. Synthesize ambiguous data from multiple sources to influence decision-making, strategy and operation of a social enterprise.
  4. Use written, spoken, and visual presentations to articulate a theory of change of how a social enterprise will achieve its objectives.
  5. Apply responsible management principles to the design and operation of a social enterprise.
  6. Differentiate among the legal forms of ownership and governance structures applicable to social enterprises.
  7. Construct metrics to assess the performance of social impact initiatives.
  8. Evaluate equity based, debt funded, and philanthropic sources of capital for financing social impact ventures.
  9. Create a multi-channel digital marketing campaign to promote a socially responsible brand.
  10. Make a compelling business case to start or grow a market-based venture for maximum social impact.