Adult Undergraduate Programs Admissions and Retention Requirements

Students who are interested in majoring education must officially declare the major with the Office of Registrar. Those who wish to obtain teaching certification need to fulfill certification requirements and complete a checklist with their academic advisor before being officially admitted to certification programs.

  • Declaration of Education as Major
  • Former Application to the Certification Track

Declaration of Education as Major (usually during the freshman year)

  • Fill out a major declaration card (available from the Registrar's Office)
  • For secondary (Biology, Chemistry, Communication, English, Math, Social Studies) or language (Spanish and French) certification, declare your academic major as your first major and secondary education or language certification as your second major.
  • For elementary education, declare elementary education as your first major and add other certification or concentration
  • Get the signature of the Department Chair
  • Submit the completed card to the Registrar's Office

Formal Application to the Certification Track (usually by the end of the sophomore year)

Fulfill the following requirements before formally applying to the certification track in elementary or secondary education

  • Complete 48 credits
  • Complete 2 math courses (Statistics as one of the courses if students intend to pursue Special Education certification or the BA/M.Ed 5-year program) successfully (C- grade or above is required)
  • Complete 2 English courses (one in composition and the other in literature) (C- grade or above is required)
  • Pass PRAXIS I tests in reading (#10710), writing (#20720), and math (#10730)
  • Maintain a GPA for 3.0 or above

When you complete these requirements, visit with your academic advisor in the Education Department and complete the "green" form with him/her, which will be kept in your file.  Once you are formally admitted into the Pennsylvania (PA) Certification track, you will be allowed to apply for student teaching.