Students spend the first two years of this program (or longer if they are enrolled part-time) at Palmer Seminary. They spend the next year primarily in the MA program at Eastern University; one required MDiv course is offered each spring at Palmer. While students may fulfill the initial MDiv-related requirements on a part-time basis, when they reach the MA portion of the program, they must be able to attend daytime classes on a full-time basis. The fourth and final year is split between the Seminary and the University.

Dual degree students pay tuition separately to Palmer Seminary and Eastern University. Prior to their beginning the program, the Seminary provides students with a statement specifying the amount of tuition that will be due (and to which institution) for each Fall and Spring semester. This amount does not increase throughout the program.

As with all graduate students, dual degree students who are full-time may apply for Federal Stafford loans. In addition, students are encouraged to investigate other sources of financial support, including from their church denomination or individual congregation.

Coursework for Year 1 (at Palmer Seminary):
Spiritual Formation
Old Testament Pentateuch
Old Testament Historical Books
Gospels and Acts
New Testament Greek or Biblical Hebrews
The Church in Mission through History
Christian Heritage elective
Foundations of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Theological Foundations of Congregational Life
A Guide to Seminary Writing
Vocational Personal Inventories
Coursework for Year 2 (at Palmer Seminary):
Critical Analysis in Theological Studies
Greek Exegesis or Hebrew Exegesis
Systematic Theology and Ethics
Advanced Topics in Systematic Theology and Ethics
Introduction to Homiletics
Preaching Practicum
Prophets or Pauline Epistles or Biblical Theology
Boundaries and Systems for Ministry
Pastoral Leadership
Theological Field Education (two semesters)
Mid-Program Assessment
Year 3 (mostly at Eastern University):
Graduate and Professional Studies Courses
Year 4 (split between Palmer and Eastern University):
At Palmer Seminary:
Theology and Practice of Worship
Christian Renewal and Evangelism
Christian World Mission
Integrative Seminar
Free electives (including denominational requirements - total of nine units)
At Eastern University:
Graduate and Professional Studies Courses
Tuition and Other Financial Information