We currently offer our the degree in three deliveries:

  1. A U.S. full-time, cohort-based program in Pennsylvania for full-time students - 15 months to complete. Each new cohort starts annually in late August.
  2. Offered in Africa: an International cohort blended online delivery model (Africa Residency) for practitioners  - 2 years to complete. Each new cohort starts annually in early May.
  3. Offered in the USA: a cohort blended online delivery model for practitioners - 2 years to complete the MA International Development (or 3 years to complete the MBA Economic Development). Each new cohort starts annually in early June.

For the Full-Time Student: Study on Campus

The U.S. full-time MA cohort takes 15 months to complete - 12 months on campus and 3 months in a "field semester" (preferably in a developing country). Students start together as a cohort in late August and work through the program as a group. It starts with a required orientation, which is normally held the weekend before classes begin for the Fall semester.

Field Semester Component:
The "field semester" in the MA program is called the “Development Field Practicum,” in which students work for a development organization in the field. Students work with faculty to prayerfully find a practicum of their choice, depending on personal preference for region of the world, type of organization, and area of professional interest. This may be a formal internship or a full-time job placement. Students will work with a mentor, learning how to apply the concepts and practical skills of development they have learned in coursework throughout the year. During the field semester, students complete coursework online for this course and one other course.

For the Working Professional: Part-Time Cohorts

The International concentration is also offered in a blended online/residency learning model to practitioners. Students will come together annually at a partner location in Africa or the USA for a 2.5 week residency and the "classroom" coursework for a few courses. Throughout the following year, they will complete the on-line portion of those courses, applying them to the work in their respective organizations. The program is designed to support them in their work with their ministries.

Students will repeat the process the following year with the remaining courses in their program. This program takes two years to complete. A 250-Hour Field Development Practicum is also required to complete the program.

Degree Option

MA in International Development
Designed for those who wish to facilitate development projects by instituting a theological framework and understanding the economic and cultural forces that impact social transformation. Graduates will enter the field equipped with the skills required to understand and manage development efforts in urban and global settings.