Organizational Leadership Outcomes Corresponding  3-credit Courses
  • identify opportunities for planned change based on a systemic view of organizations
LEAD 350- Organizational Theory
LEAD 360- Essentials of Project Management
LEAD 320- Research in Organizations
LEAD 440- Strategic Change
  • work collaboratively and constructively with others as both a team member and team leader
LEAD 380- Communication Strategies of the Leader
LEAD 410- Behavioral Dynamics in Organizations
  • recognize the moral implications of ethical dilemmas and apply ethical reasoning
INST 270- Justice in a Pluralistic Society
LEAD 340- Managing Ethics in Organizations
  • use information and data to formulate strategic cost effective project proposals
COMM 222- Analysis of Argument & Discourse
LEAD 261- Secondary Research & Writing
LEAD 220- Statistical Analysis & Decision-making
LEAD 336- Financial Concepts for Non-financial Leaders
  • monitor and manage personal and professional growth and development
LEAD 310- Leadership Formation & Development
INST 350- Judeo-Christian Perspectives on Leadership