James Mast

Adjunct Professor of Social Psychology

James Mast joined the Psychology department in 2020 as an adjunct professor of Social Psychology. James obtained his BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling Psychology, with a focus in Trauma Studies, at Eastern University. He works as a psychotherapist in his private practice in Harleysville, PA. He also works in the Mental Health Outpatient department at Penn Foundation, a community behavioral health organization located in Sellersville, PA. James began his clinical work in Wrap Around, a service that partnered with parents to develop effective behavioral strategies for children struggling in school or at home. Later he worked in Family Based Services, an intensive in-home family therapy program that focused on helping at-risk children remain in the community setting. James' work frequently involves partnering with schools, churches, and other community organizations in their efforts to address issues related to mental health. James provides seminars and trainings on a variety of topics including: Suicide Prevention; the Impact of Social Media; Stigma and Mental Illness; Supporting Families in Crisis; Understanding Sex, Gender, and Sexuality; and more. His activities in the community led to his being awarded both Dock Mennonite Academy Alumni of the Year (2018) and Eastern University Alumnus of the year (2020). While he occupies a number of roles, James will tell you that his favorite job is the Department of Parenthood.