Department of Global Studies and Mission

Department of Global Studies and Missiology

The Department of Global Studies and Mission offers three programs developed within a framework of Christian thought and practice: a B.A. in Missiology and Anthropology, M.A. in Theological and Cultural Anthropology, and M.A. in International Development. Our faculty have extensive experience gained through cross-cultural research and fieldwork, and take a personal interest in students, encouraging an interactive learning environment. Our programs combine spiritual, social, economic and cultural perspectives that impact not only our students, but social transformation around the world. Click on the links below to learn more about each program.

B.A. in Missiology and AnthropologyB.A. in Missiology and Anthropology
The purpose of the Major in Missiology and Anthropology is to prepare students to become effective servants of Christ's Kingdom in cross-cultural settings. Training in anthropology provides the ethnographic skills and understanding necessary to appreciate, analyze, adapt to, and introduce appropriate change in cultures. Training in missiology clarifies the purpose of the Gospel of Jesus and the mission of God, delineates the nature of our participation in that mission, and provides a Christian perspective on the larger theological and historical context of our time and place. This degree provides students with the principles and practices emerging from two disciplines, missiology and anthropology, and applies them to a single purpose: cross-cultural Christian study and ministry. For more information, contact Dr. Andrew Bush, Program Director and Department Chair.

MATCAM.A. in Theological and Cultural Anthropology
The Master of Arts in Theological and Cultural Anthropology is an eleven-month program that prepares students to teach anthropology, serve in cross-cultural Christian ministry, and/or find jobs in business or government that are related to international work. It is available in either residential or online formats. The program is distinctive in the following ways: a faith-based approach to anthropology; excellence in academic study; practical application; preparation for doctoral programs; and able to complete the coursework in one year. For more information, contact Dr. Eloise Meneses, Program Director.

M.A. International DevelopmentM.A. in International Development
The Master of Arts in International Development equips Christian development leaders for work with a wide range of development organizations, missions agencies, and churches. The program targets those who feel called by God to fight poverty and injustice across the world. At the heart of our program are the goals of developing strong theoretical and theological frameworks for development, alongside the most current practical skills required for this work. All this is facilitated by a team of practitioner-instructors who bring their vast experience from the field into each course. For more information, contact Dr. David Bronkema, Program Director.

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